Receiving an Invitation is an β€˜on invite only’ platform, hence someone like an admin or super admin would only be able to send an invite. For now, this process is driven by a super admin (a ProfitWheel Representative) by accessing the IAM (Identity Access Management) from the β€˜settings’ section.

The admin will add an email id of the user, assign one or more organizations and roles for each organization and send out the invite.

The user will receive this invite on email, as shown in the image below.

Admin must note that the email domain should be whitelisted in the organization, else the user will not get to login. This user invite will have a link that the user needs to click to accept it. The link stays active for 7 days and then expires. If the invitation is not accepted with in 7 days, the user will need a new link and will have to ask the admin to send the invite again. This link can be clicked multiple times. In case you are not able to complete the process of authentication and exit. You can use the same link again to resume where you left off.

Clicking the link, will take you to an isolated and unique page that will require you to enter your first and last name. The name you enter will show up in your profile and across the system, so ensure that you use your full name to avoid confusion. This name cannot be changed once submitted.

On entering the name and submitting, you will be taken to another page that has the instructions to set up your authentication. Go to the next page to read more about setting up the authentication process.

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