Design Partner Program

How, What and When of the design partner program

What is a Design Partner?

Design partners are one or more users from an organization outside of ProfitWheel Inc that, are a key part of the early software development process. They provide valuable feedback on everything from product functionality to user experience, pricing, and packaging. The right design partners can help a company launch and find product-market fit faster, making them an integral part of the development journey. The design partner is a part of the ProfitWheel Official Partner Program and the status is awarded at an organization level, where all the expectations mentioned below are at a Partner (Organization) level.

What is a Design Partner Program?

The design partner program is a collaborative initiative where selected enterprises work closely with ProfitWheel Inc. to shape the future of our consumer intelligence platform, ''. By participating in the program, partners gain early access to new features, direct communication with our product team, and the opportunity to influence product development.

What is Expected Out of a Design Partner?

Design partners are expected to actively engage with the ProfitWheel team, provide consistent feedback, and utilize the product in a way that aligns with its intended use. This includes assessing new features, reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, and participating in regular meetings to discuss progress and expectations. We expect a design partner and its representative users to collectively agree to do the following: 1. Assign between 6 to 8 hours a month collectively at a client partner level, to engage with ProfitWheel’s product team, customer success team and the product itself.

2. A design partner will be invited to be a part of an early-stage discussion of a product in idea stage or to understand product market fit for the product.

3. A design partner may get early access of a product either in Alpha or Beta stage, to get feedback on the effectiveness of the feature or product itself.

4. A design partner will be given the advantage of early access to be used for their clients with a focus on building a case study.

How do we select a Design Partner?

ProfitWheel Inc. is very selective in offering a design partner role to a client. A designated team at ProfitWheel Inc. constantly monitors the usage across all clients and checks for consistency and, quality of runs. It also seeks feedback from the customer success team on the quality and regularity of engagement from the client. Once the team is satisfied, an email is sent to the client inviting them to become a Design Partner via the 'ProfitWheel Official Partner Program'.

The client is required to designate an SPOC (Single point of contact) who is required to fill up the application (hereby showing acceptance of invitation) that will be accepted by ProfitWheel and award the partner badge along with the Design Partner Membership.


Becoming a design partner with ProfitWheel Inc. offers an exclusive opportunity to shape the future of ''. We invite our clients to join us in this exciting journey and be a part of innovation that drives success in the marketing industry. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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