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As on March 2024

What digital data sources does integrate with? integrates with major digital data sources like Google (including Search, Programmatic, and YouTube), Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Snap, and Pinterest.

Can's insights be directly actioned for digital activations?

Insights from can be directly utilized for digital activations, including targeting + budget adjustments and campaign strategy development.

What type of data granularity does offer? provides granular insights into consumer behaviours and preferences, offering a deep understanding at a "human" level beyond basic demographics. This includes their interests & engagement deterministically derived, allowing a 360 degree view of the cohort in question

How does handle first-party customer data?

The brand uploads their first-party data into their respective media platform business manager(s) which cannot be reverse-engineered by links to your business manager account directly for seamless integration, data analysis & activation, making GDPR and CCPA compliant as we do not take any first-party data from advertisers. handles only cohort-based data without accessing or storing personally identifiable information

What creative ideas can be generated using's insights?'s insights can help generate creative ideas for digital marketing campaigns, content strategies, and audience targeting approaches by marrying AI with first party data.

How can I unpack 1st party audiences using allows users to unpack 1st party audiences by analysing their behaviours, interests and preferences, providing detailed insights for targeted marketing strategies. All analysis is done at a cohort level where utilizes publicly available APIs to glean actionable detailed insights of the first party data sets.

How can's reports assist in media planning and creative strategy?'s reports provide actionable insights into consumer behaviour, aiding in effective media planning and creative strategy development tailored to target audiences.

In what ways can's insights be actioned?

Insights from can be actioned in various ways, including refining audience targeting, adjusting campaign strategies, and informing creative development.

How does track and report on customer engagement? does not track customer engagement by analysing interactions across digital platforms. This data is learned from individual platform ad accounts (e.g. Meta Business Pages and Meta Ad accounts) providing detailed reports on consumer behaviour.

What is's behaviour report?

The behaviour report provides insights into consumer behaviours, demographics, and preferences by analyzing deterministic data from various digital sources, including Google, Meta, TikTok, and others.

Can's technology be implemented quickly?

Yes, boasts a 120-second implementation time, allowing users to instantly link their business manager and start seeing insights.

What is considered an 'Asset' within the ecosystem, and how does it stand apart from a 'Report' or 'Insight'?

An "Asset" encompasses any report generated or uploaded within the platform. This term includes insights such as Behaviour, Intent, Mentions, etc. When users upload external reports/documents, these also become "Assets," enriching the platform's understanding of the business, audience, and relevant context, all crucial for deriving consumer insights that propel business value.

How does interacting with differ from engaging with ChatGPT?

Conversing with offers a tailored experience with three distinct modes: Restricted, Helpful, and Creative. In Restricted mode, relies solely on provided assets without external data for responses. The Helpful mode allows to extrapolate and suggest beyond the given reports. In Creative mode, it uses extensive data alongside provided assets for comprehensive responses. A significant distinction is's use of a user-created Portfolio within an organization, providing context for more nuanced AI interactions. This Portfolio, detailing business lines, campaigns, and products, is essential for to deliver responses and creative content, setting it apart from ChatGPT conversations.

What type of business knowledge is advisable to upload to

You should upload files that contain substantive business knowledge to Information that offers additional context and value includes sales reports, historical spending data, annual reviews, and communication objectives and briefs, all of which enhance consumer insights and drive business strategy.

Could you define a 'Portfolio' in, and explain the necessity for multiple portfolios within an organization?

In, a 'Portfolio' is a collection of contextual information created by users about the organization's various business lines, campaigns, or products. Multiple portfolios enable distinct, detailed insights for varied product lines,campaign goals, and teams. This structure is vital for the AI to generate tailored recommendations for targeting, mentions, and creative content creation.

How does a 'Portfolio' function differently from an 'Organization' in

Portfolios are subsets of an organization in, providing granular context about business lines, products, and campaigns. They are essential for the AI to understand and offer recommendations, functioning as a detailed briefing for the AI engine to inform its suggestions and strategies.

What occurs when I select "I want to - Action an insight"? What features are accessible in this area?

Selecting "Action an insight" transitions you into Action Mode, previously known as the Improve module, which presents a unique workflow designed for either strategists or campaign managers. Action Mode enables users to implement and optimize campaigns across digital platforms from an audience, budget, and creative standpoint, streamlining the user experience for both types of platform users.

What is the minimum size of a cohort that these APIs return data for?

The minimum size of the cohort that these API return data for is 1000. Any cohort size less than 1000 would return incomplete data. The higher the data of the cohort the better statistical significance

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