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Updated as on Aug 02, 2023


Consumr.ai's Omnibox allows users to search and select various inputs to create customized reports according to their preferences. It's effortless and quick to generate reports, and users can easily share them with team members, collaborate on projects, or review their inputs. This sometimes can lead to confusion about what input was used, the same inputs done by multiple users, creating reports with the same inputs to understand how the user psychographics of the user has been shifting across. Besides solving the confusion of inputs in use, there are a lot of other controls that form a part of the right panel that can quadruple the effectiveness of consumr.ai platform. We have covered all the controls in this support article.

Information Tab

The first button on the right panel of the Omnibox provides valuable information about the report accessed, such as:

One of the most powerful intelligence that advertisers can look for is to track shifts in consumer's psychographic behavior. To enable Consumr.ai to help advertisers schedule a report with the same inputs(first party or third party) and view the psychographic behavior in time lapse. This allows users to see how the consumer's behaviors have changed if at all and the direction of the behavioral trend.

Note: Use an input that keeps evolving over time e.g a LAL Audience, Pixel based audience to see how the audience shifts are happening over time.

Sharing a Report

Sharing Reports on consumr.ai is a straightforward process. When users create reports, they are automatically saved under a default project with their name. These reports are private and can only be viewed by the user who created them.

However, users have the option to share their reports with specific people who are already part of the platform. Once shared, the recipient can also forward the report to others within their organization. To do this, the user simply needs to type the email address of the recipient, and the platform will find the user automatically.

Importantly, users can't share reports with users from different organizations, ensuring privacy and data security. The recipient of the report/project will receive an email notification informing them that the sender has shared the report.

For organization admins, there's an additional feature to generate links that can be shared outside the organization. This allows them to share reports with individuals who don't have access to the ProfitWheel platform.

It's important to note that reports are not shared automatically with anyone. The owner of the report/project retains full control and ownership, and the report becomes accessible only to those with whom it has been shared.

Users can share either a report or a complete project which contains multiple reports generated via consumr.ai.

  1. All users in the organization: By choosing this option, a user can collaborate with all team members who are a part of the organization, the report belongs to. Everyone with access will receive an email notification with a link to access the shared report or project.

  2. Specific users in the organization: This option allows users to collaborate with specific team members who have access to Consumr.ai. The recipients will receive an email notification with a link to access the shared report or project. The owner of the report will have the rights to revoke access to users individually as well.

When sharing, users can select the recipients from the user dropdown menu. Please note that only the creators of the report can share it. If someone has shared a report with you, you won't be able to share it with others. Sharing options are available only to the creators.

Another option is Sharing a link with 3rd Party, which is recommended when the recipient doesn't have access to Consumr.ai. The recipient will receive a link via email to the report. However, they won't be able to interact with the charts and tables on the report.

Sharing reports is beneficial for collaborating with team members on specific outcomes. For example, when launching a new campaign for gaming laptops, sharing a report allows the team to work together efficiently. Additionally, projects can be created and shared to collate multiple reports for various product SKUs or clients in different geographies.

Overall, sharing reports and projects enables seamless collaboration among team members on Consumr.ai.

The owner of the report always has the option of revoking access to a previously shared report.

Note: Sharing reports with someone who does not have access to consumr.ai can only be done by the Admin of the organization.

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