Granting permissions is a system that sits on top of various data sources and channels that they use to unpack audiences and keywords and bring out the insights. Through a general login you can access 3rd party inputs like 3rd party segments, keywords and even URL based inputs. However, you will be deprived of some of the key inputs and features of the platform like 1st party audience inputs, activations and even Improvement features like budget optimization and audience optimization.

However, you enable these key features there needs to be a handshake at 2 levels. The first level is at an organizational level that happens at the time of syncing Business Managers.

The second is at a user level, where requires every user to login to platforms like Meta, Snapchat, Tiktok and Google, so that it can confirm your access to the accounts associated with an organization. For example: If Organization XYZ has access to ad account A, will check if you have access to ad account A and only then will allow you to use their 1st party audiences and let you activate.

When you are logging for the first time, a pop up will appear that will ask you to select a platform to login to.

Let’s say you choose Meta as a platform; you will get pop up asking you to login to a user account of Facebook. Remember not to get confused, if it should be your personal Facebook account or not. If you have worked with a Facebook business manager, you would know that user login is usually connected to business managers. So, please use your user account that has access to the business manager and ad accounts that you want to use the 1st party audience from. Please ensure that you have access to that ad account on Facebook and use it to login.

Facebook will throw another pop up at you asking for permissions. Where it will ask for your β€˜Okay’ to give access to certain information to app like your name and email (to sync up and map) etc. You will have to grant these permissions to allow getting access to the 1st party data and to unpack it. Once you do that successfully, you are on your way to start using the platform. These authorizations are important for each platform, should you decide to use them too.

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