Authentication set up

As you must have seen on the previous page, "Receiving an Invitation" accepting the invite by entering your name will lead you to a unique web page that will explain the process of setting up your authentication process.

Receiving a QR code to set up authenticator

The page you will see, will appear somewhat like the one given below:

In this page that will instruct you on how to set your authentication may seem like a general information page, though it is not. It will contain your unique QR code using which you should be able to set up an entry in your authenticator app.

TIP: Do not share your QR code with anyone. They can use it to create an entry in another authenticator app and access the platform using your login.

Video: How to set up an authenticator app

Here is a video that can show you a step by step process of setting up an authenticator app

Read instructions on how to set up Google Authenticator

Alternatively, you can read the set up from of Google Authenticator app (that we recommend), here

Logging in to for the first time

You now have accepted the invite and you have set up your authenticator app. You are now set to login for the first time, which is simple. Go to, enter your official email where you had received your invite.

Open the authenticator app and enter the OTP you see against the record in the authenticator, before the time span expires and you will get in and will be routed to the home page, that is the Omnibox page.

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