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In March this year we introduced you to Discover on

In the ever-evolving and fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to capture the zeitgeist of consumer behavior is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. For businesses seeking to forge meaningful connections with potential clients or customers, tracking and understanding what is trending is crucial.

Enter Discover on, a one of a kind insights engine that not only identifies trends but allows you to understand why they resonate and, most importantly, how you can harness this for your brand's benefit. Discover on helps you gather unique insights on trending topics – enabling you to latch on to trends in consumer behaviour ahead of market; how your custom segments of behaviour evolve and explores relationships between trending topics or audience cohorts in relation to your first party data cohorts.

A New View of Trending Topics

Today, consumers spend vast amounts of time on platforms like Google, YouTube, and TikTok - platforms that Discover on has deep API connections with. Our unique content analysis engine coupled with fine tuned NLP algorithms provides deep insights into top-trending content and helps you understand why a piece of content is circulating or creating ripples. This not only keeps you in sync with the cultural climate but enables you to align your brand with trending narratives.

Understanding 'Why'

Discover on’s unique NLP based intelligence engine offers human-readable summaries of why content is trending, providing a much-needed context into the virality of a piece of content.

Brand associations can propel your brand's awareness to new heights. Discover on analyses a potential brand association with the trending content, using the context of your brand brief. It uses a grading scale of 1-10 to indicate the relevancy and recommendation for association, along with intelligent warning recommendations that highlight potential signs of caution.

Drive Interest & Action With New Audiences

Consumer Cohorts in’s Discover helps you discover and identify trending, rising and losing consumer preferences allowing you vital insights into trends to leverage and cohorts to go after. Unravel intelligence on shifts in consumer behavior in a one week, one month, three month, 6 month or one year intervals to decode trends in seasonality.

With custom segments you can create your own set of cohorts to observe and leverage in your consumer discovery journey.

Navigate & Leverage Owned Consumer Intelligence to Turbocharge Your Campaign Resonance

Audience Navigator helps you discern your owned first party cohorts in relation to each other.

Overlap segments that have relatively higher quality score & relatively lower overlap as a degree of similarity.

Combine segments that have relatively higher quality score & relatively higher overlap as a degree of similarity.

Contrast segments that have a relatively lower quality score & relatively higher overlap as a degree of similarity.

Ignore segments that have a relatively lower quality score & relatively lower overlap as a degree of similarity.

[Note: Quality Score is a derived metric which is a function of age of audience, source of dataset, audience dilution to determine the relative strength/quality of the seed set]

This further helps you analyse which segments correlate to or resonate with respect to a third party interest as well:

In the example, for a nutrition brand, if you are looking at reaching out to consumers engaged with the β€˜health & wellness’ interest cohort, to analyse which of your third party segments resonate the most, the above chart helps gain an understanding on how to build up your audience analysis basis segments grouped together.

Why Discover on is essential:

Simply put; staying on-trend implies staying relevant. Here's what Discover on can do for your brand:

1. Identifies what's trending and why, giving you insights into the content that resonates with your audiences.

2. Enables informed decisions about which trends to ride on and which to avoid.

3. Assists in creating targeted campaigns and content in alignment with the latest trending moments.

4. Amplifies brand awareness and engagement through resonant communication.

5. Ensures that you are one step ahead of your competitors and leveraging your best audiences.

Begin your consumer resonance and discovery journey on today!

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