Updates for 2023

Find all release based updates to the product in a chronological order with links leading to the details.

New Solve | Context Builder | Pre-Flight Creative Activation | Product Portfolio June 16th 2023 (Coming up next)


Portfolio is an evolution of the brief. Now Portfolios are accessible throughout consumr.ai. And is auto-inherited in places like Discover, Pre-Flight Creative, Improve Creative and the New Solve (explained below). Portfolios consist of a Brand Name, Product Category, Product Name (optional), Country & Language. Portfolios can also contain "context". Which is additional information that you want other modules like creative to also include in brief and campaign creation.

New Solve:

Solve gains the ability to create report combinations real time, based on business problem entered in a search bar. If you have a business problem that can resolved by consumr.ai, but you are not sure how to use the Omnibox, simply enter the problem and let the Solve algorithm give you the combination of reports to execute.

To read about it in detail, refer to our document on Solve.

New Pre-Flight Creative:

Pre-Flight Creative gets an overhaul. It now inherits the portfolio, so no need to input that. It also supports multiple reports to be brought it along with the new context questions in portfolio to create a much richer creative brief and campaign outline, leads to targeted precise creative assets. There is also the option to get visual ideas for social posts/ads. A host of newer creative assets have also been added like SMSes, Emailers, Webinar Outlines & more

Deep Linking | Cross Platform Pre-Flight | Google Ads - Improve | Sharing Feature (all Modules) Google Audience Activation May 23rd 2023

Deep Linking

Improve, Discover and Pre-Flight modules gets dynamic URLs to improve navigation. Now a user can share direct URLs to lead another user, directly to a page (provided they have access). This will also improve the notifications that the system sends to the users.

Cross Platform Pre-Flight

Now you can use an insight of a platform like Meta and build a plan on another, like Snapchat. This also means that you can learn from the audiences of a platform and activate on another. This gives more power in the hands of the users.

Google Ads- Improve

You will now be able to use Improve section to learn from the current Google ad's copies, learn from them and create similar copies. consumr.ai is focused to give you as much cross platform benefits, as possible.

Sharing Feature (All Modules)

Earlier sharing feature was only available on Behavior modules. Now, we have extended this feature across all modules and reports. This enhancement will now make collaboration on the platform easier and it will promote team work.

Google Audience Activation

Intent Pre-flight had an option of creating URL plans only to let the user download them and activate it manually. Now, consumr.ai will have the feature to activate these targets directly on google platform, improving the convenience for its users.

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