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An overall understanding of what Mentions Module is.


In today's digital world, a brand's online reputation is crucial in determining its success. With billions of users active on social media and other online platforms, monitoring what consumers say about your brand can seem challenging.

However, ignoring consumer feedback and insights about what they think about the brand can lead to lost customers and a damaged brand image.The need for efficient online reputation management solutions has become more pressing than ever, given the power of social media and people's ability to express their opinions quickly. Brands must be aware of public opinions about their products and services while filtering out the noise and gauging their impact.

What is Mentions and how is it different from social listening?

1. Comprehensive Monitoring:

Consumr.ai goes beyond social media by monitoring a broad range of sources in the digital space, such as news websites, blogs, forums, and other platforms where people are more likely to discuss your brand or products. For example, if your brand is mentioned in a popular blog post that drives traffic or a news article that details your new product line, the Mentions Report will capture these mentions, providing you with a more accurate representation of your brand's online reputation.

2. Noise Reduction:

The Mentions Report filters out unnecessary noise and provides a clear and succinct summary of what creators, journalists, conversers, and amplifiers say about your brand. For instance, if there is a flood of online chatter about your brand's new product launch, the Mentions Report will capture the most relevant information, enabling you to focus on the key insights and take prompt action.

3. Categorization of Mentions:

The Mentions Report goes a step further by categorizing the mentions explicitly as creators, journalists, conversers, and amplifiers. By doing so, it helps brands identify the key opinion leaders, influencers, and advocates who actively shape their online reputation. For example, when an influencer shares a favorable review of your product on social media, the Mentions Report will classify that mention as a creator, allowing you to recognize and appreciate their impact on your brand's reputation.

4. Actionable Insights:

The Mentions Report emphasizes the actionability of its findings by highlighting areas in which brands can improve their online presence. A brand might receive negative feedback about their customer service through the Mentions Report's monitoring. Based on this insight, they can acknowledge their customer's concerns and work towards improving their customer service experience. This proactive approach helps brands course-correct their perception, enhancing their brand image, and fostering consumer trust.

Purpose of Mentions Module

The Mentions Report on consumr.ai is a report type within the consumr.ai suite that provides a quick analysis of how people are discussing a specific brand, keyword, or topic across various channels. This includes news articles, blogs, social media posts, Reddit discussions, Tweets, and more.

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