Intent Campaigns

Understanding how to create a Pre-flight intent plan


The intent of the consumer can be understood by analyzing their actions, such as searching for the best product in a category on Google or seeking a solution from a product in that category. Consumers typically research the category or product, compare options, read reviews, and then make a purchase decision. By understanding the consumer's intent through their behavior and online consumption, we can improve targeting by utilizing insights from their mindset {Link to mindset in Intent Article} and high-volume search keywords, resulting in a direct hit. Read more on the intent report here: Link. This approach is possible, and by learning about the consumer's mindset and intent, we can refine our targeting efforts. The ability to take this information and use it to customize our planning stage is known as the Pre-Flight phase.

Understanding Pre-Flight Mode

Where do you find Pre-Flight?

You can find the Pre-flight phase post the insights of Intent run using a keyword/s as input, which would include a report with or without Advanced AI enabled, which one select from the advance filters. During the pre-flight, you can customize and refine your targeting to then generate diverse types of plans like URL, video, or keywords. Pre-flight is calling the strategic mode for planning your output, here the planning is by customizing the levers of inputs required for a specific output. The input phase with the results achieved is called insights mode. similarly, post the insights received the planning phase is called pre-flight and the post planning, type of plan received which can be copied to your clipboard or downloaded is called the in-flight.


Mindset is a depiction of what consumers are thinking when it comes to your brand or product. The mindset does not change often and are not comments on a brand but are view/queries/research done and is for a longer time. Mindset insights of the questions asked and its summary of the most often asked questions taken as keywords for targeting. Read more about mindset here: Link

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