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What is an Intent Module? A conceptual explanation.


An intent is a result of a curiosity of a consumer. Imagine if you have never owned or played Playstation and have a preconceived notion about it. Its a weekend and your friend calls you and starts talking about various use cases of Playstation that he had recently bought. It seemed like news to you and it got you curious. You are not a customer of Sony Playstation, but you sure are a consumer as you meet all the prerequisites and fit the audience persona.

The first place you will look to quench your thirst for knowledge is, a search engine. Mostly Google. A search engine is a place any consumer would go to with an intent. This intent could be exploratory in nature that can turn in to an impulse or may have you traveling on the path of an organic consumer journey that eventually may lead you to purchase a Playstation. There are also times when your curiosity will tapper off and you may never consider buying one.

In any case, these intentions are beautifully captured by search queries, that consumr.ai accesses and intelligently use them to build out the intent module that starts from insights, that converts to an activatible plan.

What is Intent and how is it different from Behavior?

As explained above, Intent can be born out of a curiosity or a short term purpose. Behavior is something that is a series of actions over a period of time. Intent and Behavior, both compliments each other and forms a short term and long term touch point of a consumer. Executing both these reports can help you understand the journey of your consumer more effectively and in real time. Both these modes have activation modules called pre-flights that can be activated on different platforms to give you create reach, conversions and/or feedback.

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