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The New Creative Pre-Flight on consumr.ai

June, 2023

Creating compelling ad copy, storyboards and creative briefs can be a daunting task that involves numerous iterations and revisions. Introduced to you in our release in March, 2023, consumr.ai’s creative pre-flight feature comes to the rescue by providing AI-generated creative copy, campaign brief and structure recommendations tailored to your target audience. These suggestions are based on vast amounts of data and linguistic nuances analyzed by the consumr.ai’s rich neural network and semantic analysis engines, ensuring that your ads resonate powerfully with your target recipients.

Now, in 7 easy steps, let our guided flow help you traverse through your journey of consumer signal discovery to data driven creative at your fingertips.

Stages of Pre-flight Creative

Be it intent or behaviour or first party data signals, consumr.ai’s creative pre-flight feature analyses intelligence derived from each input keeping consumers at the core of every analysis.

Stage 1: Build Context

With Context Builder powering Product Portfolios, add more context to make AI work smarter for you as it analyses consumer signals based on your input, with the context from your Product Portfolio.

Build context into your creative briefs in 2 ways:

1. Insights from a pre-run report type

2. Insights from Questions within context builder

In building context from an Intent Report, input a run you want to garner learnings from. Layer up your signals with adjusting seasonality, funnel stage, core keywords and adding questions from Context Builder

Stage 2: Creative Intelligence

Generate a data driven creative brief from the context built out as an input. Tweak, Rewrite and get Explainability into core campaign constructs with the power of AI [artificial intelligence] and context building for better prompts.

Your creative intelligence via consumr.ai generates a specific campaign objective, tonality of your campaign and the direction your campaign should take. These are generated via a comprehensive understanding of your Brief Context.

Stage 3: Campaign Outline

consumr.ai generates for you a data driven campaign outline. It provides you an overview of the key components and structure of a marketing or advertising campaign: the insight, the tagline and the overarching construct.

There are two key AI generated summaries of your campaign outline:

Provides you with an AI assisted rationale for your campaign outline

Provides you with an AI generated creative Moodboard.

Stage 4: Content Type

AI generated creatives, copy, reel ideas and a whole host of creative content born from your input, consumer behaviour, context and brief.

Scroll through and generate in real time ready to activate creative content to turbocharge your consumer engagement endeavours.

Stage 5: Creative Inspirations

Based on your selected content type, generate AI and data driven creative suggestions with ready to go live suggestions to turbocharge your campaigns or consumer engagement strategies.

Edit tonality & call to action of your campaigns.

Stage 6: Creative Refinement

Get multiple data driven recommendations of your selected creative inspirations. Generate more variations of based on your selected variations of primary text, headline and descriptions.

Generate variations for specific platforms and creative type using the dropdown menu:

Create combinations based on your selections to arrive at various combinations of your selected primary text, headline and descriptions.

Stage 7: Creative Activation

Select your account and adset to activate your creative generated.

Start your data driven creative journey today!

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