Initiating Conversations (P1)

The Art of Digital Banter: Chatting Up

Picture this: You're at a party, you've spotted someone interesting, and you're about to break the ice. Your opening line? It's crucial. It's the same with—strike up the right conversation, and you could be waltzing through data insights like a pro. Start on the wrong foot, and you might just think this AI has all the smarts of a teacup.

Remember the old computer adage, "Garbage in, Garbage out"? It's especially witty when chatting with our clever AI. But fear not, this article is your trusty guide to starting a sparkling dialogue with

How to Get the Chat Rolling with

There are two elegant paths to initiate a tête-à-tête:

  1. Omnibox

  2. Asset Table

Now, let's twirl through the specifics:

1. Omnibox:

Think of the Omnibox as that friend who's good with words. In the past, you fed it keywords and URLs. But after our fabulous February 2024 update, it's ready to tackle your most pressing business questions. Just pop in a question, and voilà! It recognizes your intent to gab and pops open the conversation dialogue box.

Imagine you're asking for a dance. If you don't give the right cues, it'll step on your toes. But with the right assets, it'll lead you through the dance floor of data with grace. So, ensure your organization has assets, or our AI will be like a DJ without tunes!

Note: You'll need at least one asset for this dialogue to begin. No assets, no tango.

2. Asset Table:

Once a humble log table, now with newfound superpowers. It's like going from Clark Kent to Superman with a single click. Here's how you can give it a whirl:

  • Step Right Up: Click the ‘+’ icon beside an asset to add it to your selection. It's like adding a song to your dance playlist.

  • Choose Your Move: Below, three action options await. Click ‘Start a Conversation’ to get the ballroom ready.

  • Take the Floor: A dialogue box unfurls with your chosen assets lined up, waiting for your cue. Now's your moment to ask away.

Navigating conversations with is akin to selecting the right dance for the right occasion. We have two pathways, each designed to match your level of familiarity and immediate needs within the platform.

  1. The Omnibox Quickstep: This is where you begin when you're not quite sure of your starting point. You might be new to an account, prepping for a client pitch, or grappling with a sudden business challenge. Just type your question into the Omnibox. then steps in, sifting through reports and guiding you toward a potential starting line. It's not infallible—it may occasionally pull an irrelevant report into the mix—but the provided summaries will quickly help you spot and correct any missteps.

  2. The Asset Table Rumba: For those who are well-acquainted with their account and assets but find themselves swamped by a sea of reports, this approach is your go-to. It's for when you understand the problem and have a clear goal but could use some assistance in charting the course. Here, lays out all the available assets, leaving you to select the ones that are most pertinent. Ask your question, and let the platform aid you in structuring your thoughts and forging a path forward.

With these two conversational avenues, is equipped to assist, whether you're taking tentative first steps or looking to streamline a wealth of information. Now, let's move on to crafting precise questions that'll keep your conversational journey with on track and fruitful. Stay tuned for practical insights in our next piece.

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