Action Mode

Where actions speak louder than text

Now that you've mastered the art of crafting the perfect query at the ideal time, let's dive into a distinctive feature of the Conversations module, exclusive to At ProfitWheel, we're not just talkβ€”we're about action. One of our core tenets is to "Make Data Actionable," and we proudly proclaim that we've transformed Consumer Intelligence from a static report to a dynamic tool. The intuitive Action Mode in Conversations is your secret weapon for bringing this principle to life.

How does conversation translate into action?

When assets are incorporated into a conversation, users can interact with our knowledge base by posing questions, and our system will provide responses using the information from the added assets. There may be instances where users believe they have added all necessary assets, but as questions become more complex, the system may identify gaps in the information required to provide answers. In such cases, proactively identifies what additional data might be needed and suggests the inclusion of new assets. Typically, this involves prompting the addition of specific report assets. This proactive feature is at the heart of Action Mode.

As illustrated in the screenshot above, when the AI detects that incorporating an additional dimension of report could enhance the quality of its response, it courteously seeks the user’s permission before proceeding. This ensures that users remain in control of their data and the conversational flow.

After the user provides confirmation, the system quickly evaluates the necessary information to proceed and then transitions smoothly into Action Mode.

The user then inputs the necessary data, and from that point on, the system takes the wheel. It may ask for a small dose of patience as it diligently works to create all the required report assets to deliver the answer.

Action Mode is a dedicated segment within the conversation that solicits essential information such as interests, keywords, URLs, and so on. This data is then cleverly used to generate report assets that enable the system to retrieve more data, thereby providing better answers to your queries. We're continuously refining this module to recognize and adapt to increasingly complex scenarios. Currently, it's adept at identifying which types of reports are missing and suggesting them to the user. Just as with every tool and feature at, Conversations is designed to ensure that each piece of data is a stepping stone to actionable insights. Engage with this feature, and it won’t be long before you see the magic of asset creation at work.

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