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What is Behavior Module? A conceptual explanation of the module


consumr.ai is built on a premise of giving a real time assessment of your consumer's through the entire consumer journey. It captures data at various touch points to give complete story of the targeted consumers. As per ProfitWheel, there are 5 touch points to every consumers.

  1. Mindset: This is a stage when a consumer has a particular impression on a brand or a product without really knowing complete details. We present this as a part of the intent report.

  2. Intent: This is the stage when an impression grows in to curiosity and a consumer takes to search engines to understand more about it.

  3. Behavior: This is the stage when after numerous searches and interactions with a brand, various social media networks start picking up the consumer's interest in the product.

  4. Mentions: When a consumer grows confident enough with the knowledge he possesses by means of first hand experience or by knowledge gained through literature. He shares his opinions online via various blogging and social media sights.

  5. Feedback: A module still in development, it is a dimension that captures consumers turn customers' feedback about the product.

What is Behavior and how is it different from Intent?

This module is about identifying the interests of the consumers, but means of pre-defined cohorts. When a curiosity turns in to interest, in a way that social media engines can classify you in an interest segment, can be classified as Behavior. consumr.ai tries to decipher how close are these cohorts to the 1st party consumer data or 3rd party segments and then enriches it to give you a view of what demography are they from, where do they work, what is their persona like, what is their relationship status, what city as they from and a lot more. This module is dedicated to running 3 different types of behavior insight reports that you can read about, in detail by clicking on the link below.

As described above, Intent is born out of curiosity. A modern day consumer's go to platform to quench the thirst for knowledge is a google or similar search engines. A consumer goes to a search engine with an intention. This intention could be to investigate, explore or even buy.

On the other hand, Behavior is something that forms over a period of time. Behavior is a habit that cultivates and as they say about Habit is that it takes 21 days of doing something consistently that it becomes a habit. With the same philosophy, most audience platforms group their interest segments based on 21 to 28 day period.

Purpose of Behavior Module

The purpose of Behavior module is to drill down in to the habits of the consumer cohorts that has given you an assured sale or have the potential to become your preferred customer. The more information you can unlock about your cohort, the more avenues you would be able to tap them from.

For example: If you are aware that customers that bought shoes from you can be expanded using the lookalike feature of a Meta and analyzed. In that analysis, you understand that people who are interested in your shoes love, technology and cars. They are between 25 to 35 and don't have kids. You can now take intelligent strategies like building Content, Creative, Media, Logistics and even Sales strategies. This helps you in making business strategies more data driven.

Use cases of Behavior Module

A behavior module can be used in various ways:

  • Comparing up to 3 audiences, using the contrast mode

  • Identifying the overlap between 2 audiences to know how unique an audience and where is their intersect.

  • Excluding an audience from another to identify how an audience look with the influence of another.

  • Scheduling reports to build a trend to identify how your audience change over a period of time, so you can take informed decisions way before your competitors.

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