Unveiling The Power of Trends Navigating Consumer Intent with the New Intent Insight Report

August, 2023

The realm of consumer intelligence continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, with consumer intent and behavior becoming increasingly complex to predict. While indicators such as click-through and conversion rates, site visitors, video views, etc. provide a snapshot of your target audience's behavior, understanding the deeper motivations that drive their actions remain elusive.

Enter consumr.aiโ€™s new Intent Insight Report, a revolutionary upgrade to our already dynamic Intent module. Designed to provide comprehensive understanding of search and research intent of consumers, this latest update heralds a new era in forecasting consumer behaviour and predicting behavioural trends.

Steering Successful Business Strategies with Trends

Ever wondered why a particular keyword surged or declined in popularity over time? Our New Intent Insight Report attempts to explain this mystery, letting you delve into trends for each keyword.

By introducing the time dimension into our report, we are bridging the correlation between consumer intent and market trends. Moreover, the existing functionalities, such as consumer intent and mindset, continue to enhance your understanding of your target audience's behaviours.

New Additions, Greater Insights

Now, letโ€™s dissect whatโ€™s new.

1. Summary Card: The very first card gives an overview of your input keyword's correlations with other key phrases โ€“ an excellent place to start your keyword investigation.

2. Core Keyword Trend: This section unveils the trend graph for the core inputted keyword, providing a visually rich representation of whether the keyword is a topical or an evergreen term.

3. Keyword Clusters: This feature draws a detailed map of keyword categorizations for detailed insights. Visualise the output in a style of your choosing. Click on the category to deep dive into categorized questions.

4. Trends (Graph): This visual display greets you with highs and lows of a keyword's life cycle. Understand how keywords may be related with each other for actionable insights and forecasting.

Core Use Cases

Decode Seasonality

Keywords often witness an ebb and flow in their popularity due to seasonal variations. For instance, the example above shows how โ€˜workout clothes for womenโ€™ moves almost in tandem with โ€˜best athieleisure brandโ€™ symbolising the rising popularity of athieleisure brands and women also being their core target. Or for instance, the keyword 'swimwear' might see a surge during the summer months. Trend data obtained from consumr.ai's New Intent Insight Report can help identify such seasonal keywords in your industry, giving you the opportunity to optimize your content and marketing strategy to align with these trends.

Uncover Correlation

Keywords often witness an impact of other search queries on them. These can be used to symbolize consumer mindset in a research or purchase cycle. For instance, baby powder may trend with baby care and baby products which clustered together can lend to the behavior of a new parent. Now if category keywords are expensive to bid/associate with, look out for ancillary and trending keywords.

With the consumr.ai's New Intent Insight Report, advertisers, retailers, and brands can tailor an impeccable strategy that remains ahead of trends. Allow your business to not just react, but proactively adapt to the ever-shifting parameters of consumer behaviour. So, gear up and assess the pulse of the market accurately with our refreshed Intent Insight Report because at consumr.ai, we truly believe that knowledge is power. Try the new Intent Insights Report on consumr.ai.

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