Move from global to hyperlocal audience intelligence

How ProfitWheel’s Market Finder can help you achieve that

Identifying your ideal customers in other regions through data derived from your existing customer base is crucial for growing your brand in today’s rapidly changing environment. Without this information, expanding into new territories can be a challenging and uncertain process for marketers and decision-makers who are essentially shooting in the dark.

For instance, consider a designer fashion brand that has found success in the United States and is now seeking to expand into other mature and dominant markets. By leveraging data, they can locate potential customers who share similar interests and a passion for their designer wear brand.

Using Market report from powered by ProfitWheel, you can find prospects that resemble your high value customers media consumption patterns – using 1st party data like lookalike audience or using 3rd party data of Meta Interest audience for your brand product/category unpacking models. The Market report also called as Market Finder module understands the customer’s interests, behaviour, and media consumption pattern (at a cohort level) and then matches them to their ‘twins’ that exhibit a similar pattern in other countries keeping in mind the potential scale of such audiences.

For 1st party data Audience as input:

The results for using 1st party data audience like Meta audience will include the top 10 countries globally with relevant demographic data while also ranking the country’s efficiency, audience size & uniqueness to allow for global scale! The results showcase the word map with ranking for the top 50 countries

You can select any of the listed countries to understand consumer behavior insights like Demography, location, Interest, and habits to have then actionable parameters to customize for a targeting plan.

For 3rd party data Audience like Meta Interest as input:

States and City level Data Analysis

Why stop at countries when one can drill down to which states & cities within these top 10 countries? report provides information on the audience size, uniqueness, and Efficiency score. It is ranked as per the high-efficiency score, which will help in using the budget wisely whilst hand-picking only selected cities as per the brand’s objective. Sniper feature uses the audience of one country as input data provided to find twins likes them to as granular as zip code locations.

The output received contains information on zip code wise audience size, uniqueness, and efficiency score. The plan received as output is activable as ad targeting with budget recommendation as well. The use case can be numerous when it comes to testing specific zip codes from a local store to a luxury brand;

For example: The local supermarket would like to increase foot fall in their multiple stores and inform the potential customers about their sale offerings. The tool helps with an extensive list of zip codes to target with an audience size and budget recommendation to help take the right action. Sniper runs can be included while using the Single Audience, Overlap or Contrast runs.

You can then make it activable by clicking on Pre-Flight Mode to create a behavior standard or thematic plan. You can also create a creative plan with customizable parameters for efficient output.

Identify, Locate, and get better insights while expanding your audience globally to zip code level.

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