Leveraging Solve & Know on consumr.ai: A Powerful Duo Transforming Consumer Research

August, 2023

In the ever-emerging world of consumer intelligence – the ubiquity of data across a myriad of platforms keeps marketers and leadership of brands constantly finding for intelligence to analyze a true view of who their real consumer is. Brands and enterprises are discovering newer and more efficient ways to understand and target their audiences.

At ProfitWheel, we know how daunting it can be to sift through tonnes of reports to data sets and sources to discover solutions to consumer led challenges. We also realize the importance of quality and source of data, its freshness and getting processed intelligence at your fingertips.

With that view, we introduced you to Solve in June 2023 and Know in July 2023.

Driven by our proprietary answer engine, consumr.ai’s intelligent research and semantic analysis engine; Know analyses the output of your stored reports to provide responses to your insight questions.

Solve on consumr.ai has been specially crafted to address the most popular consumer intelligence questions. Analysing your brief and the possible solves that consumr.ai provides, our AI generated dynamic solutions provider will recommend a set of solutions as recipe cards for you to explore.

Using "Solve" and "Know" from consumr.ai unfolds a dimension of consumer insight exploration that enhances the research process like never before.

Intelligence can never have been processed this fast. Think of these two features as your dedicated resources to drive consumer intelligence for you.

To start the journey, you kick-off by utilizing Solve to frame your consumer intelligence question. Utilize the AI-driven recommendations from Solve, hit β€œCreate Recipe” and behold an elaborate user flow that guides through each solution, making it more understandable and actionable. The output of your solution brief is presented in an easily accessible process. Advanced AI now even runs your reports to pre-process intelligence.

Now enters the Know. Post the application of Solve and on completion of your research quest, you would typically have numerous reports housing a wealth of insights. But the manual combing through such data can often be arduous. This is where Know works its magic.

Know is designed to operate as your AI-driven research analyst, offering advanced semantic analysis of multiple reports generated by Solve. It not only fast tracks the analysis process but also uncovers unknown connections providing unique insights. The "See Rationale" feature further demystifies any complex analysis, explaining the process and results in a comprehensive manner.

Where does this help you

The fusion of "Solve and Know" can be leveraged in numerous scenarios, a few of which we have highlighted below:

Know Your Audience In An Instance

Current Challenges with Consumer Research: Panel based and non behavioural linked. If sources are from digital platforms, they are listening based and no intelligence. Data from Google. YouTube is not universally available to a great extent and often takes time to source from teams also requires a certain spend. Insights are often non actionable.

What can you achieve using Know & Solve together: For any business, defining the consumer persona is the bedrock of strategy. You can use Solve to understand your audience's behavior, tastes, preferences, online activities, and search trends. Once you have in-depth reports from Solve, Know steps in to swiftly analyze and highlight key insights that help define your consumer persona completely and accurately. The result - a dynamic, actionable, and detailed consumer persona profile that businesses can rely upon while crafting their marketing strategies – available in an instance.

Using Know & Solve is a unique way for arriving at AI-guided consumer research and intelligence saving time and providing deep insights. The heavy-lifting of consumer research is now made easy.

Using Solve and Know on consumr.ai in tandem is a major advancement in consumer research, enhancing speed, actionability, and depth of insights. Enterprises leveraging these functionalities are better equipped to navigate the vast and diverse world of consumer preferences, behaviors, and responses.

Solve the complex, know the unknown, and leap forward in your understanding of your consumers with consumr.ai.

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