Introducing Custom Segment Activation on Performance Max

Performance max campaigns in Google is perhaps one of its most powerful engine till date enabling advertisers to buy and optimise ads across all the properties of Google – YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Google Maps.

Being a turbocharged rocketship built by some of the brightest engineering talent, it requires steering.

Custom segments are a way of steering Performance max campaigns in Google by providing it with relevant signals to optimise its engine with relevance for your brand/ the nature of the audience you want to reach out to. It helps you reach your ideal audience by entering relevant keywords, URLs, and apps.

Types of Custom Segment Inputs

Intelligence powered by

In our latest upgrade, provides you with unparalleled intelligence to turbocharge performance max campaigns by providing you with:

Creating Intelligence

Power up your brief using pre-flight Intent powered by proprietary neural networks and artificial intelligence, will glean through the most relevant content generated and consumed across the web in consonance to your brief and return to you the strongest seed signals of URLs, Keywords and videos that are most relevant for the audience you seek to reach out to.

Customizing Intelligence

Add URLs, videos and keywords to custom segments ready for activation. With a few clicks of a button, select segments most relevant for your brief to power up intelligence via custom segments. We are the only tool in the market that enables users to filter down inputs specific to their brief to scour through all available audience segments on the web, to titrate a brief that is most tailored to your audience, demystifying what comprises each audience segment.

Intelligent Automation

Augmenting intelligence with a few clicks of a button, now enables you to push custom segments directly into your Audience Manager console. Hit the activate Custom Audience button to conduct a live push of your segments to steer performance max campaigns in your direction.

We hope you enjoy this feature as you embark on your consumer insights journey to fuel data driven decisions for your audience strategies!

Abhinay Bhasin, Head of Product Marketing, ProfitWheel Inc.

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