Embrace the Next Generation of Consumer Research Analysis with consumr.ai's Know

July 2023

In an era in which we are inundated with data; leaders, research and strategy analysts are bogged down with sifting through tonnes of information from various sources. Traditional methods used involve hunting down myriad reports, cross-referencing outputs, and deciphering key trends and data pointsβ€”a cumbersome, often puzzling and time-consuming process. Recognizing this pain point and staying true to our mission statement of providing you with β€˜Consumer Intelligence at the speed of a Google Search’ we introduce to you KNOW – our AI [artificial intelligence] driven research analyst.

AI Powered Consumer Research Analysis At Your Fingertips

The key to successful research lies in the analysisβ€”the quest to find recognizable patterns, discern insights and unearth valuable information in a labyrinth of raw data. Traditionally, this process has been manual, slow, and arduous, requiring you to delve into multiple reports to glean insights.

Driven by our proprietary answer engine, consumr.ai’s intelligent research and semantic analysis engine; Know analyses the output of your stored reports to provide responses to your insight questions.

See Rationale demystifies our comprehensive analysis provided by our proprietary answer engine, explaining how we arrived at the outcome.

Know can parse through mountains of data swiftly and effectively. By providing accurate interpretations drawn from multiple reports, AI saves you time and provides unknown connections from analysed data to provide unique insights.

Get actionable intelligence by analyzing myriads of reports in an instant. Try Know on consumr.ai

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