Elevating User Experience with consumr.ai’s Latest Customer Support System: The Assistance Widget

October, 2023

At consumr.ai, driving innovation and enhancing user-experience are at the heart of what we do. While our platform is consistently lauded for its functionality, we've made an exciting new addition to better support our users: the Assistance Widget.

The Journey: Addressing User Experience Challenges

Our journey towards improving user experience has seen numerous strategies laid out and tested. We explored tooltips, integrated best in class service desk support systems, experimented with Third-party command bars, and even tried and tested the a custom widget to record the exact instance of your session on consumr.ai to create your unique environment and configurations for troubleshooting. The vision was to create an all-around platform where users could tap into vast consumer knowledge effectively, report bugs promptly and have a direct line to a ProfitWheel account manager.

Unfortunately, while these initiatives had their merits, they fell short in delivering the seamless experience we envisioned due to technical issues, lengthy content, and issues with maintaining the knowledge bank.

Our aim was to create a unique and intuitive customer support engine that empowered our users to gain support at their fingertips with a combination of the strength of our human experts along side our custom built knowledge systems.

The Eureka Moment: The Assistance Widget

Understanding the above roadblocks led us on the path to build the Assistance Widget. Thanks to the expansive knowledge bank and our AI-driven feature, we embarked on this journey to create a solution that meets users' needs in three effective ways: an integrated answer engine, a user-friendly bug reporting channel, and direct assistance to users for any help they need - all packaged within one Assistance Widget.

Three Core Flows of Customer Support

Our brand new Assistance Widget is a testament to our relentless pursuit of user satisfaction and delivering meaningful engagement. With its seamless integration into our platform, users now have a one-stop-shop for all their questions and concerns - a smart, intuitive and user-friendly widget that empowers them and enhances their experience.

Experience support and access to all your product related answers with 3 core flows:

Ask A Question

The Assistance Widget leverages AI to fetch answers from our custom built knowledge database, creating an intuitive, easy-to-use answer engine right within the platform.

Begin with entering a simple question in the question box and let our AI do its magic

Report A Bug

If and when users experience any issues while using the platform, they can then report a bug directly to our development service desk right from within the platform with the Assistance Widget, thereby making it an integral part of our ecosystem.

Simply select report a bug to gain assistance in your exact time of need capturing your screen to record the issue you face.

Get in Touch With Your ProfitWheel Account Manager

Users of our platform looking for personalized help or assistance can use the widget to directly connect with a ProfitWheel account manager, eliminating the need to navigate through an external support portal.

We are excited for our users to experience this and ease in their user journey with consumr.ai's Assistance Widget. It's our commitment to bridging the gap between complexity and utility and to provide our users with best in class support always.

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