Dive in to Product Reviews Like Never Before with consumr.ai’s Product Mentions Report

October, 2023

Analysing consumer product reviews is a goldmine of insight into consumer behavior. Each review acts as a real-time voice and reflection of customers, effectively offering an understanding of their preferences, motivations, and decision-making processes. By studying these reviews, businesses can decode key aspects that shape a consumer's journey like what appeals to them, what frustrates them, what they value in a product, and even why they prefer one product over another. This wealth of data aids in tracking evolving consumer trends, foreseeing customer needs and ultimately, in making informed product enhancements and marketing decisions. In essence, product reviews not only fuel the comprehension of customer satisfaction levels but also deliver predictive intelligence that could dramatically shape future product propositions and brand strategies.

The current tools in the market merely sample customer reviews to present them in a view. consumr.ai, true to its roots, is designed to provide actionable intelligence. With our Product Mentions Report, we built a deep intelligence layer over Amazon and e-commerce sites to extract vital information from product reviews on e-commerce platforms to provide enriched and actionable intelligence in an easy to use interface – so let’s dive in!

Key Features of the Product Mentions Report

Product Summary Section

This section provides an essential snapshot of all the critical information about the product. The information includes product rating, count of ratings, pricing, and seller rank, providing you with a robust understanding of the product's performance at a single glance.

Use Case: As a competitive market analyst, brand manager or e-commerce lead, through the Product Summary Section, you can promptly review the competitor’s ranking and rating, crucial for deducing strategic market positioning. Unearth categories targeted by you or your competition to gain strategic advantage.

Key Takeaways

Our intelligence layer collates, analyzes, and summarizes product reviews and distils pros and cons from the reviews analyzed. Through this, businesses can expedite their strategic planning based on the actual sentiment of consumers. This could support businesses in updating their product roadmaps, improving customer experience, and refining marketing messages.

Use Case: A product development manager could use these insights for a quick check on their product's strengths and weaknesses, aiding them in future product development strategies. A brand manager could analyze this section to understand features to market better or focus on enhancing.

Review Categories

It skillfully categorizes reviews into aspects like Product Quality, Design, etc. Each category carries sentiments linked to it, delivering a more specific feedback understanding. It provides actionable insights for product development teams to improve the product and increase user satisfaction. It also helps brands understand the experience consumers have first-hand with the product. Actionability from consumr.ai’s intelligence layer processes sentiment and summarizes outcomes in buckets for quick and actionable intelligence.

Use Case: As a brand marketing strategist, you could access sentiment-oriented feedback that helps craft your brand messaging accordingly.

Mentions Cluster

The word cloud of summarized reviews makes it easy to understand the most frequently cited words or phrases in your customer feedback. These insights can inform your marketing strategies, guide your product updates, or improve your customer service. Scroll through snapshots of customer reviews to get a peak into the mind of your consumer’s interaction with your brand. It even allows a filtered view based on the word selected from the cloud.

Use Case: A brand manager could use this feature to pinpoint recurring customer complaints and swiftly address them. A marketing head could use this to identify marketable features and decode consumer pain points.

Similar Products

This feature provides businesses with the tools to stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce market. It presents you with a list of your product's direct competitors, giving you a gamut to conduct a competitive analysis. By doing so, you not only know the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor's products but can also identify industry trends and opportunities.

Use Case: As a sales head, understanding similar products could aid in devising competitive sales strategies and set realistic sales opportunities or cannibalization strategies.

With Product Mentions Report in your tactical arsenal, the power to unmask consumer sentiment and behavior is now at your fingertips. Prepare to revolutionize your business strategies today!

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