Discover the Future of Understanding Consumer Intent With the New Enhanced Intent Insights Report

October, 2023

There is no denying that understanding consumer behavior is the key to success in any business venture. With the constantly evolving digital world, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that your audience thinks, searches, and buys. That’s where comes in, providing insights into the behavior of your audience across various platforms like TikTok, Meta, Google, Snapchat and more.

Our Intent Insights Report was designed as a layer of intelligence over the vast ocean of consumer search and research across the internet to decode what truly matters to consumers and showcases a peak into their minds before they make an association with a brand or topic. It was also made to empower brand marketers to understand topics and terms in association with their brand, keyword or research context.

Taking from numerous learnings of the benefits of this module, we have taken this one step further with the launch of our New Enhanced Intent Insights Report on

Lets dive deeper!

This new feature was built with the feedback received from you, our customers. While you found value in the trends aspect of our intent report, we believed we could make it more seamless and user-friendly. As such, we've made some major enhancements to make sure the report provides even more compelling, actionable insights for your business.

Enhanced Overview with Improved Visibility

The questions, doubts, and correlated keywords are now displayed clearly in an easily readable data table format. High audience interactivity from previous versions indicated users found great value in this aspect, and we've made them even more accessible. Now, understanding how different search phrases connect to the original keyword is a breeze!

Take for example an output below where our intelligence layer has processed thousands of results to categorize intelligence around gaming consoles in the United States of America.

Toggle between Keyword Clusters for various types of intelligence in a new processed flow:

The other thing is that we have added the correlated keywords also into this view to make it more easy to understand how the different search phrases interact with the core keyword. You can still click the trend icon on any of them and enter into a visual trends chart pop up.

Dive Deep into correlated trends with the visual trends pop up by clicking on the graph icon:

Introducing Category Tree-map

Working across categories and viewing how search phrases connect to broader themes has never been easier. This helps you identify high-volume, low-competition keywords - providing the perfect opportunity to increase your brand's visibility and stand out from the competition.

The category treemap allows you to see the how search phrases are thematically related. On clicking a category, we can also see a 2x2 of the keywords within it. The 2 axis's of the chart are: Keyword Volume & Opportunity. Opportunity is the inverse of a competitiveness index. The lesser the competition, the more is the whitespace and headroom for a brand to own that consumer intent.

The Keyword Cluster Graph

To make your decision-making process even more data-driven, now clusters correlated keywords semantically. By visualizing your keywords as a map, you will see at a glance which themes are closely related and which ones point to distinct, perhaps untapped territories.

How can the New Enhanced Intent Insights Report help transform your business

πŸ’‘ Improve Strategic Planning on the basis of Consumer Intent Signals

By gaining deeper insights into customer intent, you can create better, more targeted content and marketing strategies. Leverage high-volume, low-competition keywords and categories to attract more consumers towards your brand.

πŸ’‘ Customize current strategies and ongoing consumer activities

With real-time consumer intent insights and data, you can adapt your ongoing campaigns to relate with trends and customer preferences.

πŸ’‘ Predict Tomorrow Today

Stay ahead of your competitors by spotting trend changes and preparing your business proactively.

The New Enhanced Intent Insight Report from is all set to help your business understand consumer behaviour like never before. It promises to enhance decision-making, analyse customer intent in real-time, help identify your next big opportunity, and guide you in optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Equipped with a sleeker, user-friendly design and more robust data points, our new feature extends even greater control over the vast expanse of consumer data to your capable hands. Dive into the world of consumer intent, unearth deeper insights and notch up your business strategy to new heights with today!

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