Build Dynamic Intelligence with Solve - Advanced AI

August, 2023

In the ever-evolving digital world, the ability to understand and act on consumer behaviour is paramount for any business's growth. Data is everywhere, intelligence is rare.

Understanding these complex and constantly evolving behavioural patterns and processing several consumer intelligence reports is no cakewalk. This blog post will delve into Solve - Advanced AI in detail, exploring its benefits and how it could turbocharge your marketing strategies.

Solve – An AI Powered Consumer Research Assistant

In our communication to you in June 2023, we introduced you to the dynamic solutions recommender within Solve, that analysed your problem statement and recommended reports to be run via to guide you through arriving at a solution.

You can read more on this here:

" Ask me a question" on Solve immerses you into a world of AI driven solutions and recommendations for your business challenges.

Analyzing your brief and the possible solves that provides, our AI generated dynamic solutions provider will recommend a set of solutions as recipe cards for you to explore.

Introducing Solve – Advanced AI – Your Smartest Research Assistant

For an average strategy or managerial specialist, navigating through multiple reports and making sense of complex metrics can be daunting. Here's where Solve – Advanced AI steps in, offering a simple and effective solution.

With Solve - Advanced AI, one has to simply define their business problem and provide related inputs. The system then processes these inputs autonomously, eliminating the need for the user to select from confusing report types. The platform then sends an email upon completion of the analysis, providing the user with the desired results and links to the executed reports.

Solve - Advanced AI analyses your question and intelligently identifies the reports it needs to answer it.

Solve- Advanced AI aims to streamline your business analysis by taking out the 'unknown' element prevalent in many AI tools and replacing it with concise, actionable strategies.

3 Key Use Cases of Solve-Advanced AI:

1. Overcome Researcher’s Block: Advanced AI on Solve helps you overcome the thought of β€˜where do I get started’. Merely ask your question and click on this module to have your smartest research assistant do the heavy work of generating reports for you to analyse.

2. Save Time: In an instant, arrive with a laundry list of intelligence reports to dive deep into your consumer intelligence related queries. Solve-Advanced AI takes your query, inputs and produces a list of reports to analyse at the press of a button.

3. Unearth Novel Links of Data: Solve-Advanced AI will recommend and run insight reports you may have not even thought about. Our proprietary intelligence algorithm understands deep links within data, your questions and reports on to generate reports of consumer intelligence to power up your consumer research journey.

Get actionable intelligence by analysing myriads of reports in an instant. Try Solve-Advanced AI on

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