A New Era of Consumer Research - Launching the New Solve on consumr.ai

A blog that talks about the New AI assisted solutions engine powering our solutions gallery - Solve

June, 2023

The world of consumer research and product development has been evolving rapidly as technology advances. One game-changing aspect is the integration of conversational search. As users begin to depend more on AI agents (artificial intelligence enabled agents) to access information, traditional search mechanisms will need to adapt to keep up.

Technologies like voice, natural language processing and machine learning are bringing a more natural, human interaction to the consumer research experience. Today, we are at an inflection point thanks to improvements in language models and the explosive adoption and comfort with AI-assisted agents.

Through our flagship consumer intelligence engine – consumr.ai, ProfitWheel it is our endeavour to keep your customers at the heart of every insight and business decision and keeping you ahead of understanding your consumers by adopting cutting edge technology ahead of market changes.

With that, here’s presenting an AI-assisted and empowered Business Solution Engine that powers up Solve.

Solve – Making Consumer Understanding Intuitive

In our communication to you in March.2023, we introduced you to Solve - the in-built solutions gallery for consumr.ai.

Generated from behavior of our platform users along with our internal solution engineers, Solve on consumr.ai has been specially crafted to address the most popular consumer intelligence questions. Using Solve is incredibly simple and intuitive. With just a few clicks, you can access a wide range of presets and guided user flows that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a seasoned data analyst or a newcomer to the world of consumer intelligence, Solve makes it easy to get started and gain insights for better business decisions. Write to us if you wanted to explore a use case that you didn’t find in our gallery.

New Solve – AI Assisted Solutions Powering “Ask Me A Question”

Clicking the “Ask me a question” button on Solve immerses you into a world of AI driven solutions and recommendations for your business challenges.

Begin by setting up a product portfolio and giving it context via our context builder within the portfolio section [read more in our blog on product portfolio and context builder]. This provides our prompting engine that powers our AI-driven recommendations with context on your business challenges, product and brand to tailor make and fine-tune recommendations to solve your problems through recommendations from our platform.

Once you have keyed in your context and created your portfolio, begin your journey by inputting your business problem in the search box and click the guided arrow to begin your search.

Analyzing your brief and the possible solves that consumr.ai provides, our AI generated dynamic solutions provider will recommend a set of solutions as recipe cards for you to explore.

Build more recommendations by clicking on the “GET MORE RECOMMENDATIONS” button

Hit the “Create Recipe” button to watch our AI at work to dynamically create guidance through a user flow on navigating each of the solutions provided.

The fetch insights button instantly takes you to the output of your solution brief for you to analyse.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as you navigate through the myriad world of consumer understanding, now made easier through AI-assisted guided flows to walk the path with you in your world of knowing your consumers better with consumr.ai!

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